Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yeah, I've Been In A Fight - And I Won!

Day 2 - bandages are off, and the bruising is starting on my
neck and both sides of the cheeks.

Why the heck am I bruised up to my eyeballs? It was my neck
that got worked on? Now if I can think of a good story why I
look like that! (I'm thinking of a story where I was battling
Ninja Lumberjacks...) They haven't let me wash my hair yet
because of the incisions in the hairline. Eeewww! Tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


Graviton Ring

aka Anthony C

my ears hurt :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the doctor got mad and punched you in the eye?

Susan Grandys said...

Heh-heh- you should see the other guy...
Actually I didn't bite the doctor or anything!