Thursday, January 18, 2007

*Almost* normal day

Today was my first glimpse that I could get back to
feeling better. The heart rate was fine, the asthma didn't
bother me. I even walked on the treadmill when I got home!
O.K. it was only 7 minutes of exercise, and I'm really,
really weak, but it is a start. I still get a little
tired at work and can only put in a normal workday.

Its been 4 weeks, tomorrow, since the surgery. So ignore
them when they say you'll be better in 2 weeks. Well if
you are going to have a cold and try to put in too many
hours at work, it will take you a month to even attempt
to start to build back up to normal.

I'm still off the coffee. I felt less confused today, but
not terrifically motivated. Coffee. Motivation in a cup.
No wonder we all run on the stuff and there is a coffee
shop on every corner. It fits our American overzealous
life style.


Big Phil said...

Hail to the bean.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks for recovery? I recently read a piece on that surgery and it mentioned up to 3 months of recovery. Now, I do not remember the extent of the surgery so yours most likely was less extensive but it is NOT a trivial thing.

Susan Grandys said...

3 months? Ugh, if they told you that, no one would have surgery! Who has a spare 3 months?