Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cold Credit

I've just finished 46 Japanese "Survival Phrases" podcasts.
I'm starting to have smatterings of Japanese appearing in my
dreams and everyday thoughts. Of course it's very simple 4 word
sentences, very simple stuff, but kind of neat. I won't
remember a word when I get there, except things like "toilet"?
"Food"? "Credit Card"? I'll be a baby talking moron (but one
with a credit card! :) :) )

I'm dreading the really cold weather the forecasts are
threatening us with starting Sunday. It's been a mild winter,
but that still doesn't help when it is fricken cold out.

Other than that, I worked, I came home. Won't win any excitement


Big Phil said...

Be careful. I wouldn't want you to get mixed up and insult someone. We don't need an international incident.

Susan Grandys said...

What a great idea! I've always wanted to cause an international incident!
Oh, I guess you were telling me NOT to do that.... :(