Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling MUCH better!

Whew. Today was much better. I haven't had a good day since last
Thursday and Friday, when I think I did way the heck too much
and set my healing back another week.

I slept in bed for 9 1/2 hours last night. That helped a ton. I managed
to work out with very, very light weights last night to get my strength
back on track. To do that, I actually had to eat! I think the problem
the last week was my borderline anemia, becoming not so borderline.

Lots of meat (don't read that, Phil!) and iron tablets later, I'm back to
healing up. I think I went back to dieting too soon. Losing weight,
nicely, but the body had nothing to build nerves and capillaries with!

I put in a good day at work, I'm feeling human again, and I'm really
hoping this feeling better stuff becomes a habit! That was a rather
unpleasant 3 weeks.

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Big Phil said...

How about some new pictures?