Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday already?

I haven't had the kind of job where Friday meant anything for
about 25 years. I always liked my work, and often as not
worked some on weekends. But today I was really happy it was
Friday. I have been so exhausted putting in workdays that
the idea of sleeping late and doing nothing for 2 days sounds
wonderful! O.K., so I'm not totally back to healthy yet....

Nothing much new. Work. Sleep. Wish I could drink coffee.
Do it again. Not much of a life!

My podcast shows are getting a lot of new downloads the last
few days and I don't know why. Many people are going back and
downloading all 48 shows! Wow. I wonder what triggered that?
I must have gotten mentioned somewhere. I hope they like what
they hear and continue to listen. It makes me feel pretty
wonderful when more and more people seem to want to hear
the show. More gratifying that real work, eh?


Big Phil said...

After they listen to the 04-16-06 show I hope they understand the interview subject was very mediocre.

Susan Grandys said...

Ha! Don't be silly, my dear. Each and every show is a gem of wonder.

I actually mean that. Every show gave the audience a glimpse of a wonderful, thinking human being.
I am fond of every one of them :)

Some shows were quieter and gentler than others, but they are all dear to me. Not a dud in the bunch!