Saturday, January 13, 2007

Good From Bad

Last night was rough again. Back to the recliner and difficult
sleep. Why do I have good days of healing up, followed
immediately by such rotten ones? Do I push too hard on the good
days? Am I expecting too much, too soon? It's been over 3
weeks. Somehow I got it in my head that it would only be bad
for 2 weeks. I suppose because they say most people go back to
work in 10-14 days. I thought that was just because of the
bruises. I really didn't think it was that big of a deal.

But today was better, especially because I had not one, but
two great interviews for my show! I interviewed DeAnne from
Oregon and she was wonderful. She is blind, and I was wondering
if it would change her views on life. But it didn't come up
much. She was lots of fun and I related to her instantly.
She reminded me of me, quite a lot. (Of course I thought she
was great!)

Then her partner Charlie was there, and next thing I know I
was interviewing him. He is a psychologist, and we went off on
subjects all over the place because of that. Three hours just
zipped by, and I had two new wonderful friends!

Their friend Chad, I think his name was, was one of my listeners,
and had gotten DeAnne interested in doing an interview for me.
Thanks so much Chad! You gave me a great experience today, to
say nothing of my next two shows. That makes show #49 and 50.

Man, 50 shows, at 45 minutes to an hour each. Even I'm getting
impressed with the body of work that is turning out to be. And I
have a couple of volunteers for February too. The show seems
to want to keep going, so I guess I'll keep following it and see what
it wants to do. If nothing else, who gets to have deep, meaningful
conversations with 50 new people, over a year and a half?

What an amazing thing it turned out to be, and I started it because
I was very depressed and couldn't seem to struggle back to doing
the right things to heal up. Bad things in your life can spur you on
to do great things. I would like to think I could still create great
things, without the pain, but I wonder.

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