Saturday, January 20, 2007

Heading UP!

I must be feeling better, I got on a roll of getting the
annoying little stuff done. I looked up a lot of things for
my trip to Japan, went through all my mail, gathered up
all the paperwork so I can make the appointment with my
tax guy, (and to find the papers I tackled the huge bin of
stuff to file from the last 2 years), and I answered most
of my email.

And I still had enough energy left to exercise for 8 whole
minutes. Then I was done. Been watching DVD's since then,
resting. Best yet, I had coffee today! Well it was 3/4
decaffeinated, but hey, 1/4 real, live coffee. I was happy.

It used to take a lot more than that to make me happy.
When you get the stuffing knocked out of you like this last
month has been for me, the very, very tiny victories are
sweet. Kind of resets your perspective. I always figured
it would take winning the lottery, having hundreds of dear
friends, and having an exciting, meaningful life, to make
me happy. But it comes down to a half a cup of real coffee...

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