Friday, January 12, 2007

3 weeks post-surgery

I psychically knew Phil was going to ask for photos of me now,
so I snapped one of me in my natural habitat, in my cubicle.
Probably a mistake. People look ghastly under fluorescent
lighting. Where the heck is my color correction program?
Eh, I'm too lazy. So here's me now. And yes, it is 2 degrees
here, so I'm bundled up. It was cold, even in the labs.
So you can't even see the new neck!

The bruises are almost gone, there are still two faint ones
under my eyes, but they aren't really noticeable. I still get
tired really easily, but I hope in a few more days, that will
fade too. I'm still numb in places, and very tender to the
touch, and still have mild vertigo from the pressure on the
ears, I think? We'll see what another week will bring.

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