Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Whew! I just managed 18 minutes of exercise. I was going to say
I'm still as weak as a kitten, but all the kittens I've had
weren't weak. They usually were hanging from the ceiling and
teleporting all over the place! Anyways, it is obvious I'm going
to have to work out diligently every day, to build my strength
back up in time for the trip.

It is weird to have to start over yet again from nothing, just
to do what came so easily to me only 5 weeks ago. 1/2 hour of
working out was nothing. My life has been an amazingly long
string of starting over.

I once noticed that my lifeline on my hand stops about halfway
to my wrist, and then picks up again 1/4 of an inch over and
then does it again, and is flanked by several broken and parallel
lines. I decided then that I would live for a long time, but
there would be some real physical challenges or sicknesses.
It was a silly superstition, but my life has borne that out
pretty well. I'll probably make it, but it wont be easy.

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