Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little of this and that

Launching into my next project, without pause from the last one.
Whew! I need a nap. Luckily these two weeks are lots of boring
upgrading and set up. I guess I can nap while doing that.
It is really nice to have some less exciting times at work.

Getting a little stronger every day. I exercise a little longer
or a little harder each passing day. I can't believe I'm keeping
up with the every day thing. I've never been very good about
that. Still not getting thinner though :(

Not much else. Getting ready to hunker down for the Arctic air
heading our way, starting tomorrow night. The next 5 days are
supposed to be some of the coldest Minnesota has had in the
last 3 years. Where is the firewood?!


Anonymous said...

You seem to be pretty tired in that post :)

As I can see it's winter over there, hope you enjoy it, it's summer here (I hard bear the hot weather)


Susan Grandys said...

Below zero weather always makes me want to sleep. Sure torture me with the thoughts that it summer somewhere else! Stay warm!