Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My head is free!

The staples and stitches ALL came out today!!!
There was this tremendous relief from pressure in my head.
Bodies are so weird when there is something in them, that
doesn't belong there. They get crabby and pushy, "Get this
stuff out of me!!!"

With luck, I will now be able to sleep. I think I've only
gotten a full 8 hours of sleep twice since the surgery.
I just couldn't get comfortable and when I lay down the
pressure on the staples was really tough.

I made it through part of a day at work today, and I'm
feeling much better. That staving exhaustion that made me
feel so bad yesterday is gone. I should be able to do a full day
tomorrow. (Which is good because work wants full days and
then some until the end of the month...) My cold was better
today too. I hope to reach feeling human within the week.

I even started editing the next U.Q. podcast show, and
have to start scheduling the next couple of interviews. It is
odd that getting back to normal seems such a good thing.
(I usually think "normal" is a dirty word)


Big Phil said...

Free you head...wasn't that a lyric from the song "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane?

Susan Grandys said...

So it tis! That is also the song I do most at karaoke - I do a killer Grack Slick... but I wasn't thinking of that when I named the entry.

Big Phil said...

Lou Reed "Walk on the wild side" is my karaoke fave.