Friday, January 26, 2007

Plastic Protrusions

After over 9 hours of sleep last night, (and more exercise),
today I felt good for the first time since the surgery.
I got lots done, and nothing (much) hurt. Except for the
2 little pieces of plastic sticking out of my head...

They aren't supposed to be doing that, mind you. I think
2 of the thin plastic sutures that were in there from
before got misplaced in the surgery and are now sticking
through the skin by my neck and ear. I'll get that fixed
when I go back in on Tuesday. I made the mistake of tugging
on one of them before I figured out what it was. Yeouch!

Another lovely weekend off. Except I have to edit the next
show. And it is going to be cold. And there is more filming
to do. I guess I don't know what weekend off means.

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