Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spiritual Gravity

Well, that was a creative day! I edited and posted an entire
show for Uncomfortable Questions. It is at:
Interview with DeAnne.

She is a sheer delight, a 41 year old woman who is blind.
When I asked "What is hope?", she said it was what makes it
all go, like a kind of spiritual gravity.
I really loved that answer. Catch the show, if you can.
Her final advice is not to be missed!

Then David, Cayenne and I did a lot more filming for
Channel Surfing Wipeout. I hope we have enough
for a new show. We even did one of my favorite sketches that
we wrote over a year ago, a completely irreverent take on
David being possessed by demons :) And another one where we
got to finally use some great stage blood that we picked up
a long time ago at a costume shop. All done our way, of course,
which is always pretty strange!

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