Sunday, January 14, 2007

Too Good

I had so much fun today, I don't even mind that we seem to be
having some kind of winter storm out there. I got an award
thing last month, that was dinner for up to $200. I finally
felt up for it today, so the 3 Monkeys (Cayenne, David and I)
went out for dinner and attempted to spend it! We went to
this really fine Japanese restaurant and had everything we
wanted to try.

The food was excellent, and we are pikers. By the time we had
eaten and drunk everything we felt like having, we only spent
$145. We could have made it if we drank more, but the exquisite
Saki (at $12.95 a glass!) totally satisfied, and we didn't need
more. We weren't stuffed, we were just happily done. I left a
big tip and decided to give up at $175.

What a fun thing that was to do! By the time we left it had
started snowing quite a bit, so we drove home (making happy,
contented noises all the way), and then I took some photos of
the mighty dinner team! We started clowning around and were
laughing so hard there were tears coming out of my eyes.
I volunteer to be forced to eat fine food with my silly friends
on someone else's money - anytime!

1 comment:

Big Phil said...

It would have been fun to drink $200 worth of Saki.