Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter ambles in

Brrrr. It was -6 last night and a high of 10 degrees today.
Now that's the Minnesota I know. I'm feeling stronger today,
except my heart kept skipping beats which is a darned weird

So to my best medical advisor - the web! It seem it is a
benign and common condition caused by a million things.
Since I already cut the coffee out (hard!) and wasn't
really stressed, the next most likely thing it might be is
an electrolyte imbalance. Can be caused by surgery (and
a million other things...)

I took Potassium, Magnesium and an electrolyte drink. I
did feel better and even did some strengthening exercises
for about 5 minutes. I also have to wrap a scarf around my
face when I go outside - the freezing, cold air hitting my
lungs seems to set it off also. Damn! I feel so fragile.
I've always been tough as nails, and could survive any
abuse to this body. I don't want to be less tough as I
get old!

Anyways, it is 1 degree out, so the only recourse is to
head for my warm bed...

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