Sunday, January 07, 2007


I sure hope this is just post surgery, but I can't seem to wake up!
(Life is just a bad dream.....). I crashed hard and early last night,
but I'm still completely exhausted. This has to improve. I'm
eating right, and taking lots of vitamins. I can't quite exercise,
the scars are still, um, oozing a bit - probably not time yet.

I did finally get the next Uncomfortable Questions show edit done
and posted. Get it - Gravitation Ring Interview. It's a wild one,
he was really presenting some difficult ideas to even put into words.
Whether you agree or not, it sure gets you thinking about what it is
you do think!

David came over today and we absolutely, for sure are going to film
next weekend. Neither of us was quite healed up enough to do any
today, but we did write up a bunch of new material.
I hope I feel a lot better by then. I just want to sleep.....

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