Sunday, February 25, 2007

After the snow

The snow storm was slow to start and actually kind of disappointing.
The weather guys made a huge deal about it starting Friday night.
As of Saturday morning there was about 1/2 inch of sleet on the
ground. We finally got bored waiting for it, and went shopping
at the mall. Most people stayed home, so it was rather pleasant,
not crowded at all.

The snow finally got to a start around 3 pm and snowed lightly
until about 9 pm when it finally got going. At that point it
was heavy enough to keep us from going to the the bands and
birthday party we wanted to attend. So we stayed up too late
watching DVD's, instead.

By this morning there was only about 9 inches of snow. Not the
15 inches we were prepared for. But it still was quite a job
shoveling the walks and driveway. The snowblower made it 5 feet
and then the chain fell off. We had a guy fix that very problem
last winter, and this is the first time we used it since then.
Payed a lot to get that fixed, and it obviously is not fixed!
So we had to do it the manual way.

Hoover (one of the dogs) loved it and kept crashing around in
the snow banks and hiding his ball. He is such a big kid.
Now if only he could shovel, too. But after a half hour of
that, even he wanted to come in and curl up in front of the
wood stove on his big comfy dog bed.

But we are dug out, and ready for action. Or bed. Whatever
comes first...

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