Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blood Sugar Woes

Not the best of days. My blood sugar is all over the map. I
was dizzy and lightheaded all day. I couldn't concentrate and
my heart was pounding. It finally occurred to me that my blood
glucose might be too low. I didn't have my test kit with me,
so I ate a serving of carbohydrates (an orange) and felt
better for a bit.

By the time I got home, it was too low again. So I ate 3 servings
of carbs and didn't take my night pill. Now it is too high. So
I took the pill. Gargh! I hate days when I just can't balance it.
I feel dreadful and get frustrated that I just can't eat like a
normal person or at least get some control over my body. There
are just days when it does what it wants, no matter how careful
I am.

The snow held off until I got home. It is snowing now, but we are
only supposed to get 1 or 2 inches tonight. The prediction is
12-14 inches during the day and evening tomorrow. I don't know
if I should even try to go to work. Home is a nice place, and
if I have any sense, I'll stay in it! No guarantees that I have
any sense, though...

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