Monday, February 19, 2007

Brain Soup

I've been noticing that I am getting a lot more tense the last
week. Some is natural stress from things picking up at work,
but I can't let go of it, when I'm not there. It has been 1
year off the SSRI drugs and 2 1/2 months off the herbs. I hope
this isn't early signs of the serotonin or whatever getting
out of whack again.

I started the St.Johns Wort and 5-HTP supplements again 2 days
ago, to see if I can give the serotonin a kick in the pants,
and get it going again. I'm not depressed, but dreams are bad,
I'm feeling stressed, and having a hard time not worrying
about things. I haven't had these issues for a year, darn it!

I'm exercising plenty which is supposed to help, but then again
I didn't go outside once over the weekend. I just was so sick
of being cold. Maybe I just need more sunlight, and for winter
to be over.

I experimented with the morning routine, and figured
out that I was feeling so sick in the mornings from too much
artificial sweetener and coffee. I can have a little coffee if
I leave out the sweetener (I was putting in Splenda sweetened
chocolate flavoring), though straight tea is much better. There
was Splenda in my oatmeal too, and I think I hit overload. Crap,
why is my body becoming so sensitive to everything? I really
like coffee and things that taste good. Now I have to cut even
more stuff out. Getting older seems to be a continuous cycle of
giving up things you like. Who thought that was a good idea?

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