Saturday, February 10, 2007

Buying Stuff!

It was 6 whole degrees F. out today, so it was off shopping!
(Of course everyone else in Minnesota had the same idea, since
we've all been trapped mostly indoors from the cold. It was
very busy at the malls.) It was time to buy luggage for the
Japan trip! My old bag was just too small and ripped on my
last business trip.

I got a beautiful lightweight olive green Jaguar rolling bag,
originally $160, on sale for only $59! It is fairly small and
compact, and has one of those expandable zippers to give you
another 3 inches for when you buy too much on your trip and
have to bring it home. I've had cheap rolling bags before, but
this one is a dream. I've never owned a $160 bag! I was rolling
it all over the store and the house. It has big wheels and
really moves!

I totally failed to find comfortable jeans that I could sit
in a plane for 13 hours in. I finally broke down and bought
a dressy pair of knit pants. It seems wrong. I think knit
pants are ugly, but these look o.k. After many hours in the
plane, I'll probably love them.

Then when we were talking about taking pictures, I realized
my digital camera only had a 128 Mb SD card in it. I could
buy a 1 Gb card for $15 and take over 5000 pictures. I wonder
if that will be enough? :) :)

Anyways, buying things is always fun and was a good way to
forget about the weather. It had better warm up soon before
we are all totally broke!


Big Phil said...

What about a nice skirt? A skirt might be comfortable for a long plane ride.

Susan Grandys said...

YIIIIIKEES! A skirt! I never wear the things if I can help it. Then you have to wear nicer shoes, and "shudder" Nylons. NOT comfortable.
I also have ankles that shouldn't see the light of day....