Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dog are dumb

They really are. Because of the cold weather, the wood stove
is burning away, and one of the dogs stood right in front of
it. A strange smell of singed dog hair began to emanate from
that direction.

Yes, he burned his butt. And never noticed. He just wandered
off looking for food. And then came back and stood by the
stove again. I'm glad I'm not as dumb as a dog. At least
he is happy, I guess!

I spent all day installing 64 bit Linux and Windows servers.
They needed all different drivers and software because of
the 64 bits, so I had to go find each new software for all
stuff I normally install on them. Even little things like
WinZip didn't work with it. The workday went by very fast.

Tomorrow I think I will stay in bed, as it will be below
zero. Or I'll get up and face the AIX and SuSE installs
waiting for me. I suppose since it will already be painful
out, I might as well go in.


Anonymous said...

i'm a french man and i have the same name of you

Big Phil said...

When I was a child I stood in front of the fire and set my pants on fire. True story. I guess I was a dumb as a dog. :)

Susan Grandys said...

To French Man,
Your name is Susan? (I'm kidding, I hope!) Strangely enough, my name is Polish!

Susan Grandys said...

To Phil,
The difference between you and my dog, is I'm assuming you noticed your pants were on fire. My dog ever register that he was burning his tail.