Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dream Wolves

I had the strangest dream last night about a pack of hundreds of
wolves trying to cross a city. I was driving along the freeway
and they were all being hit by cars and trucks on the ramps
and bridges. Everyone was appalled by the carnage, and wanted
the wolves to make it, they were so beautiful and brave.
And way out of their league in a high speed society. They
couldn't survive, but they kept trying to go forward and
continued to be hit and die. I woke up feeling disturbed and sad.

I suppose it was an allegory for something, but I really don't
know what. Why can't dreams or the subconscious just spit it
out in clear language? It seems so wasted if you never get the
message. And I generally don't. The dreams are always that
vivid, in full technicolor, and I virtually never have any
idea what they are about.

I don't like it when people play games and don't come out and
try to say what they really mean. So I don't like my subconscious.
I'd never have it as a friend. Unfortunately, telling it to
go away doesn't work very well.

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