Friday, February 09, 2007

Frozen Ideas

Do you ever wake up and ask yourself, "where do I go from here?"
I think the long cold spell is getting to me. (Looks like another
week of this). Not that the question is that unusual, I ask
myself that all the time. But the answers get weirder at times.

I keep thinking there is something else I am supposed to be
doing. The days have been awfully the same lately, cold and
lots of hard work. No variation, no excitement, nothing to
strive for. I guess that is why I blather about going to
Japan, a lot. It is the only interesting thing on my horizon.

And after that, then what?

I really don't have any answers. My endless ideas even seem
to be frozen by the cold. I could easily fritter away the rest
of my life on everyday things. I keep really busy and life
is quite decent, but I really want more than that.
I want to do wonderful things, things that matter, or just
things that are grand.
But what?

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