Thursday, February 08, 2007

Isn't this over, yet?

Jeez! -12 degrees F. last night, -12 tonight, -12 tomorrow
night. It is almost getting boring. Being warm is only a fond
memory. Though it was 3 above when I drove home tonight, with
no wind chill, and it didn't actually hurt. That was nice.

Work was totally fragmented, I was trying to do 5 things at
once, and had to switch between them about every ten minutes.
It was very confusing, and I was glad to go off to see my
hairdresser. Getting a haircut is one more "must do before
Japan" thing to check off of the list.

The Final Fantasy action figures I bought on Ebay came today
and they were gorgeous. Who buys action figures at my age?
I suppose there is no age limit on toys.... I like to think
of them as works of art, or sculptures ;-)

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