Sunday, February 11, 2007

Are we there yet?

I've decided to get in shape for Japan by marathon shopping!
Yes, it was back out there shopping today. It works, I'm
stronger today and it hurt less. Today it was a quest for fun
small gifts that it is customary to bring to your hosts in Japan.
Found a few, should get at least three more.

Also found a good low priced digital camera for Cayenne.
His takes a 2 Gb SD card! That has to be enough space for
pictures, it would take the rest of one's life to go through
them all. I think we finally have most everything we need now.
Maybe that was a little pro-active. The trip is still 6 weeks

That will go too fast, though. I'm on a hot project at work that
I need to be nearly done with by the time I leave. That will be
ambitious and will make the time blaze by racing to get it done.

I still cant figure out if I can bring my Claritin-D allergy
medication into Japan. I saw a reference that said you couldn't.
That would be bad. The allergies have been overactive, I'm
sneezing and have a runny nose all the time. It must be due
to being shut in the house. I wish I could open some windows
and let fresh air in. Well I could, and it would be fresh alright,
as it flash froze everything in it's path....


MplsVala said...

Yay. I managed to sign up so I can leave a comment. I use livejournal and David (E.) gave me your url. I read a bit. How amazing. Exciting trip. Glad the surgery horror is passing and no doubt you'll find it well worth the bother. Congrats and good luck.


Susan Grandys said...

Wow, Reen, long time!
Nice to know some other old timers are still out there. I suppose I can find your blog through David's?
(I read his frequently on LJ)

You don't have to sign up to leave comments here, sending as anonymous with your 1st name at the end (if you want me to know who it is) works too.

I'm alive and kicking, (surgery sucks) and doing well. Thanks for checking in, and I hope you also are doing great!