Friday, February 16, 2007

Morning Sick

Everything made me tense and frustrated today. I hate days like
that. You know you could change it, if you could just look at
it differently. None of it really matters, just not dealing
well with continuous interruptions and too much work to do that
wasn't getting done, and feeling crappy.

If I could just flip a switch in my brain, and laugh and relax,
I'd get just as much done. And not be tense. Every morning
starts out hard. I'm not sleeping well, I have a hard time
waking up, and I always feel sick the first hour of work. I can
only guess that it has something to do with breakfast, combined
with something? Jeez, I'm eating sugar free oatmeal. I thought
that was good for you. Can one have a a bad medicine and
oatmeal interaction? I don't get it.

Or maybe it is just that I'm allergic to mornings.
I always start to feel better around 11 or noon. Weird.


Big Phil said...

Morning sickness?

Susan Grandys said...

Heh! Not physically possibly, anymore. (Thank goodness!) Actually
I made sure it wasn't since I was 34. Not a life path I was willing to take. Maybe being sick in the morning is my pennance for weaseling out of that life experince!