Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Way!

Another big snow storm is coming tomorrow through Friday! The
weather guys are threatening this one will be bigger and badder
than the one this last weekend (at least for us who only got
9 inches - surrounding areas got up to 18 inches of snow).
The guy from the Weather Channel, Mike Seidel,even came into
town today. That is very foreboding, he only goes where
they think there will be very *interesting* weather!

I hope I get home from work tomorrow, it is supposed to roll
into the cities just in time for afternoon rush hour. I would
take some serious bets that Thursday will be a snow day from
work. That isn't all that fun, because we'll probably spend the
day shoveling.... and Friday too! I guess I won't need to do
any weightlifting this week.

Can I just stay in bed until it is over?

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