Saturday, February 03, 2007

Out into the elements

Oh my, I'm glad I went out there. It is DAMNED cold out, wind
chill of -29 F. (real temperature of about -10). But I was just
at the most lovely party. A bunch of folks who make their own
absinthe. I tasted many kinds, including a vintage from 1914
that cost $1600 for a bottle; only 76 bottles exist! It was
incredibly good, and now I'm all warm and fuzzy :)

There was also stir fry food, and homemade chocolates (which
go amazingly well with absinthe). Oh wait, was I dieting?
I met some great new people, who had similar interests in
books and literature, food and drink, travel, and several
of them even spoke some Japanese. We pledged to get together
at Psycho Suzies (a kitchy bar that specializes in huge Tiki
drinks and artery clogging appetizers), or at the karaoke bar.
I love meeting new, fun people. A spectacular evening.

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