Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shoot me before I get on the scale

Oh dear. Another fun and fattening day! I went to a Super Bowl
party at a friends house, which is funny. I don't think I've
actually watched a whole Super Bowl in 25 years. However,
the money sort of ran out this weekend and it was just like
college days; you go to a party with good food, because you'll
be able to eat. I did end up watching the whole game and
it was moderately entertaining, though the commercials were
disappointing. I expected better.

And the food and beer was excellent - so of course I had
plenty! I'll have to starve for the next week to make up for
this weekend. It was far too good in the food department.
Which also works out, because I don't get paid until Friday!

Even lifting weights, treadmill and a couple hours of active
Swing Away Golf on the Wii console probably wont offset
the overindulgence. But I was quite active today. The golf
game really has you swinging that remote hard and jumping up
and down when you get a Birdie on a hole. I'm amazed that
video games may actually turn out to be healthy. :)

The weather is threatening to be -19 degrees F. tonight.
Maybe the extra fat will help....

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