Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stolen Hours

I swear someone stole 4 or 5 hours from the middle of the day.
It was noon. And then it was 5 pm, about ten minutes later.
Probably alien abduction. ;-)

I did get half of the next U.Q. podcast show done. It is
another long edit, but I hope I can get it done and up by
tomorrow night. This is with the partner of the last guest,
and he is a psychologist and had some interesting things
to say. I love getting other peoples perspectives on life!

Other than that, lost another bid on ebay. I have 2 of a set of
4 figures that I'm trying to complete. I lucked into the first
two, but the last two bids I gave up on, went for $82 and $102!!
I don't want them that bad. I'm hoping I might find them in
Japan for less than that. Or maybe something even better.

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