Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stupid Things

So I lost 2 1/2 pounds back overnight (so now I'm cold). More
of that mystifying calories making no sense (mine do the Rumba,
quite well). I guess I'm only half as crabby then, since I lost
half of the mysterious weight gain. I'm making sure it keeps
going, though, doing what I call the cereal diet. It is the only
way I lose weight, but it usually fails cause it's so boring I
can rarely do it for more than a week.

Breakfast is oatmeal. Lunch is salad, fruit, nuts and protien
pudding. Dinner is high fiber cereal and a square of dark
chocolate. That's it. Anything more than that, and I gain.
No wonder I dream of potato chips and cake.

Other than that, spending lots of time on the phone at work
with other company's tech support to fix broken equimpent.
Now you would think if you open a tech support call that says
"My firmware is corrupted and I can't load new firmware, and it
no longer recognizes any of its commands", the answer from them
wouldn't be "load this new firmware, and change this command".

HOW? I just told you I couldn't load firmware and the
commands don't work! That's like them asking to send an email
that your email is down! The first rule of tech support should
be to ask the customer what they think is wrong, and then
listen to the answer.

Anyways that took most of the afternoon, to get that far, and
the person went home, and they passed me on to another support
center, and then I went home. And my equipment is still broken.
Is this how to save money by wearing out the customer trying to
get it fixed? But it won't work. My company pays me to sit on
the phone and wait them out. Ha!

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