Monday, February 12, 2007

What is Time?

I used to want to live forever. I still do, if I could not age,
and still feel good and look reasonable. Feeling stiff and
achy is not a wonderful prize for surviving!

But as I get older, the weirdest thing is the perspective.
Time seems to stretch behind you for a very long time. When
you think about something in your childhood and it was decades
and decades ago, it feels pretty weird. Of course I forget
more and more. In my 20's I had an incredible memory. I
suppose because there was so much less to remember. Or maybe
I just find most things aren't all that important to remember,
so I only file it away if it is really notable.

I wonder what it must feel like to be 100 years old? That must
be an amazing thing to remember a century. What changes those
people must have seen. I don't suppose I'll know, this body
will fall apart long before then. I got the K-Mart blue light
special body....

And having said that, I think I'll go work out to try to make
this one last a little longer :)

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