Friday, March 16, 2007

$5559 and No Heat

Well that was a bit surprising. We are on a plan with the gas
company to get a free yearly inspection of our boiler furnace.
He came today, and immediately shut off our furnace and forbade
us to use it! It had warped and cracked and was shooting heat
out the side towards a wooden wall. We are apparently quite
lucky the house didn't catch fire.

The gas company sent over 3 space heaters since they can't
install a new one until Tuesday. The new furnace will cost $5559.
Ouch. I don't have that kind of money, so they are putting it
on my gas bill over 12 months. That is still $463 a month.
Crap. I am never going to get out of debt! Money will be very,
very tight for the next year. And I haven't quite payed off the
water heater yet, either...

So far the house isn't cold. It will be interesting to see if
we can stay warm enough for the next 3 days with only a wood
stove and 3 space heaters. It is supposed to be about 18 degrees F.
at night and around freezing during the day. I'm glad this didn't
happen when it was 20 below zero, last month.

Well, at least the trip to Japan is payed for, because nothing
else is!

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