Saturday, March 10, 2007

Death and Taxes

Seriously. You shouldn't have to deal with them on the same day.
I went to see my Tax accountant yesterday and did my taxes. I
did better than I thought, and will have a little extra spending
money for Japan. I was feeling pretty good.

I got to work and got an unexpected email from a good friend in
California. I last saw her when I got sent to work Headquarters
a year an a half ago and drug my whole group on a wild 3 hour
drive to go see her. She was my cube mate when I worked in
California, and ultimately one of my closest two friends there.

The letter was sad, loving and resigned. It stated:
"The cancer has spread throughout the abdomen, including the
colon, liver, and kidney, it has returned to the pelvic area
including the rectum, and it has now spread to the chest area
(mammary lymphs)."

I didn't even know she was sick!!!
How do you deal with death. Me? I get really, really angry, every
time. It is so shocking, especially when they are younger than me
or the same age. I just get furious at the universe for being so
painful and so unfair. I just can't get my head around it.

My friend is going to Mexico to get alternative care, as western
medicine has given up on her. She is one of the kindest people and
loves animals more than anyone I know. She does a ton of volunteer
work at agencies that save animals and give them a second chance.
She has something like 6 cats and a dog, and treats them like kings.
The universe is very wrong if it lets someone like that die young.

I had a painful tightness in my chest for the rest of the day that
wouldn't ease up. It must have been the asthma. It couldn't be

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