Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Last night I skipped posting, went to bed early and slept for 9 hours.
My throat hurt all day and I was terrified I was getting a cold right
before the Japan trip. That would be the worst. I also took doses of
Emergen-C, Noni, and Astralagas hoping something would knock it out.

So far, so good. I woke up feeling fine and no sore throat. I refuse
to get sick on the trip of a lifetime. I suppose if I do get sick, I
can just drink enough Sake, that I wont care. But I don't want to
make my host friends sick, either. But it could have just been the
usual allergies or asthma.

4 days left to live through before the trip. I hate the last few days,
they take forever! But it is warmer out today (54 degrees) and the
snow is pretty much gone. I'm considering taking the first walk
since the snow hit. Wait it is the first day of spring today! How

Also when I got home last night, my house was toasty warm. The new
furnace is installed. And the beginning of the big payments :(

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