Monday, March 12, 2007

Finish Line

It was 56 degrees out today! The huge snow piles from the previous
storms are dropping rapidly. And it was still light out when I
left work at 6:45 pm. It is hard not to hope for spring, though
it can snow here through April. But I'm in the mood!

Work is now the frantic dash to get this project nearly done
before I leave for Japan. Less than 2 weeks now! This time
in 2 weeks, I'll still be on a plane. Oh well. It sounds good,
until I think of that. It is an hour to Chicago, 3 hour layover
and then 13 hours to Japan. It is hard to imagine sitting on
one small airplane seat for that long. I can't believe people
do this all the time! What do they do while they are doing it!?

I suppose this is the time to do everything right, rigorous
exercise, very healthy eating, plenty of rest.... I just want
to stay up late, drink beer and eat chocolate cake! :)
But, except for staying up too late, I probably wont. :(

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