Thursday, March 15, 2007

Flowers and Newspapers

Heh-heh! The Japan Weather forecasters moved the opening of the
cherry blossoms back to March 23rd (from March 18th). The little
flowers are waiting for me! There are a few already open, so I'm
not sure what they refer to - maybe a certain percentage of them
have to be open.

I've listened to so many Japanese lessons that every morning when
I wake up, several of my first thoughts are actually in Japanese!
I guess it is sinking into my head, somehow.

I'm sort of fed up with humans today. I accidentally read some
gross articles in the newspaper. I really should just stop reading
it. The cruelty and sickness of some people really discourage me.
I falter in thinking there is any meaning or reason to life when
I pay attention to the news.

I suppose I should just do another interview for my show. I always
meet someone new and wonderful, and I like humans again for awhile.

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