Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Grand Life?

It occurs to me, after all the planning, packing, shopping and
listening to 112 Japanese lessons, that I have been driving to
the goal of my trip for 6 months now. After I get back, then what?
I need to think about the next big goal. It really helps me to
have one out there, on the horizon.

It keeps me interested, it keeps me going. I certainly can't
top this trip for time, effort, and money spent. Maybe some
smaller but exciting goals would help. But there is something
great about doing the BIG things. The small goals are too
easy to delay, or blow off.

My biggest problem with life is I've had very few big things.
Getting through college, a few big trips, some massive weight
loss (twice), buying houses (3 times), and .... that's about
it. I've done lots and lots of smaller things, but many were
just hobbies or diversions. But the all encompassing life goals
haven't come along very often. The rest of the time I just
coast along and see what life brings me.

The lazy person's approach to living. It works.
It just isn't grand.

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