Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hanami Forcast is a GO!

Worked like a fiend today. I'm trying to concentrate on 2 major
projects and everything has to be done RIGHT NOW! I had to
read a lot of documents, really fast, to get ready for a call
and my head still hurts. Oh well, it does make the days go fast -
way too fast, that is!

The Japanese weather people finally put out their Cherry
Blossom forecast. Hanami (flower viewing) parties are a big
deal over there. There are so many cherry trees that when they
bloom, there is massive pinkness everywhere, and everyone goes
to the park and has picnics and gets way drunk. I wanted to
see this! So I carefully planned my trip time so I would catch
the Cherry trees and Hanami parties. I studied average bloom
times in Tokyo for the last 6 years and picked my time.

They can be early or late, depending on the weather, so I took
my best guess. They only last about a week and the window for
when it can happen is about a month wide. So I've been anxiously
awaiting the forecast. The National weather service there makes
the forecast in early March, so everyone can plan their festivals
and parties, I assume. It turns out they will bloom the earliest
ever this year, due to a very warm winter. The date they posted
was March 18th. Augh! I thought I had missed it - I leave for
Japan on March 26th, and wont get there until the 27th.

I was trying not to be disappointed, and then read another
article today. March 18th is when the buds start to open, not the
peak in Tokyo. The peak viewing (when all the parties are) is
forecast to be March 25th to April 3rd!!!
I will be there! Wait for me, little cherry blossoms!

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