Saturday, March 17, 2007

Heatless Wonder

Surviving quite well, without the furnace. The house retained the
heat well, and last night it only got down to 63 degrees inside
(even though outside, it was around 18 degrees). Today was sunny
and 40 and the wood stove actually made the house too warm!
So, making it until Tuesday without heat is just not going to
be a big problem. Still in a bit of shock about paying for it,
however. It will probably build character, or something.

I got some Travelers Cheques for the Japan trip today. I think I
might start packing tomorrow. Yes, it is still a week and a day
away, but I want to make it feel real. It still seems very abstract.

Much of the day was spent trying to get an edit of the next U.Q.
podcast done. It is almost a week late, but I'm only half done. I
hope I can finish the edit tomorrow, and get something up.

My arm and hand was hurting a lot for the last few days, making
the editing difficult. I realized that everything has been aching
a lot lately, so it was back to the web, for research. It seems the
top anti-inflammatory solution these days is something called
"Celadrin". It is some kind of fatty acid from god knows what
(animal products, it says - what kind? Puppy dogs? Rats???)

But while I was out I picked up some pills and topical cream with
Celadrin. It actually made a difference almost immediately!
Interesting. I'll keep trying it and see how it goes. I will be
very happy if it helps. Pain sucks!

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