Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm in the mood for....Japan!

I'm deliciously tired. Woke up to a thick fog outside. So I stayed in
bed for another hour. It was 64 degrees today, and 75 tomorrow.
This is not March 24th in Minnesota. Where is the snow and cold?

Cay and I chatted for hours via Instant Messenger with our soon
to be host in Japan. He said the cherry blossoms aren't open yet,
they are thinking this Thursday. He even got us a tarp to sit on
for the Hanami parties. Most people bring those blue tarps to
mark their spot. He got us a Japanese Twister game mat! We will
be the coolest kids on the block. :)

Then it was a marathon day of laundry, cleaning house, packing,
more packing, changing my mind and re-packing, looking at the
Tokyo weather report on the Weather Channel, and packing a couple
of slightly warmer shirts. I think I'm done! Then the coffee
maker broke and had to run out in the now pouring rain, and get
another. I think everything in my house should just knock off this
breaking thing. At least it was cheaper than the furnace....

Tomorrow there isn't much left to do. Sleep in, get the house
ready for David (he'll be living here, and taking care of the
unruly pets). What a sweetheart he is. He made this trip possible,
we wouldn't have gone if someone didn't stay with the dogs.
One of them is over 14 now, doesn't see or hear well, and has
to have his arthritis meds - and the other is as psycho as ever.
The cats just want somewhere warm to sleep and aren't too much
work. But they love their "Uncle David", so they will be happy.

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