Monday, March 19, 2007

Less than a week!

There, I started packing tonight. I feel better! I came home from
work realizing there is less than a week to go, so I drug out the
suitcase and put some stuff in it. I think it is a summoning spell
to make the time go faster, or something.

Only 4 workdays left. Auugh! I have way more than 4 days of work
left. I suppose that will make the time go too fast. At this time
next week, I wont care about all that undone work. I'll be going
nuts because I'll have been on the plane out of Chicago for over
8 hours and we wont be there yet.

Otherwise. Let's see. The house is rather cold and it is going to
be 15 degrees F. tonight. I'm happy the furnace guys are coming
tomorrow with the new furnace. Just in time for it to warm up.
Ha, so it was me. It just cost me over $5000 to make the weather
finally warm up.

And the Celadrin is working. In only 2 days, all the pain and
stiffness is gone! I didn't expect it to work so quickly. They
say there is a cumulative effect from it that gets better over
30 days. I'll keep taking it and see what happens. It would be
wonderful to have all that pain gone, and be able to easily
walk and move about again. Maybe I'll be able to exercise enough
get that extra weight off.


miked said...

Celadrin rocks check out

Susan Grandys said...

Hmmm. Since the above comment was made by someone who's profile is just a number - I would suspect someone who's job it is to search for references to their product, and leave a web page comment.

Kind of "reverse" viral campainging. Kind of weird. Oh well I comment on all the drugs, and herbs and vitamins I try, and sometimes even say very bad things about them :)