Thursday, March 01, 2007

Living in a snowstorm

Sense won. I stayed home and logged into work. I could have
made it in, the city did a good job keeping the streets plowed,
but I just wasn't up for the battle. Good thing, instead of
spending all my time trying to drive in the snowstorm, I got
a fair amount of work done!

I like working from home under adverse conditions, but I
actually prefer going into work. I like interacting with
people and some things are just easier to do when I'm near
all my computers and equipment.

So the snow. We've got about 2 inches overnight and then it
really kicked in this morning. I think we have about 9 inches
now (on top of the 9 inches from this last weekend), and it
is supposed to snow several more inches overnight. I really
hurt from shoveling and am headed for the hot tub.

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