Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Geekfest

Ah Saturdays! Did everything at a slow and leisurely pace. No
hurries, no worries. How wonderful. I spent most of the day
reading the Full Metal Alchemist manga, which I have become
embarrassingly hooked on. (I just finished watching the anime
and the movie, and was unsatisfied with the ending). Then I
found out the comic books took a different direction, so
I'm reading those to see where the author intended to go.

I'm embarrassed to be an anime geek, but this morning I realized
that I'm glad it is there. It is one of the only forms of art
keeping the dreams alive. American fantasy is so stuck in the
medevil genre, that it is not great escapist literature.
The Japanese do this wild scratch mix of anything and everything.
They let their imaginations run wild, and I feel like I get
taken to new places I haven't been before.

Why is imagination so darned important? I don't know, but I
have this gut level feeling that it is. It is the real thing
that makes humans so different, I think we should use it for
all its worth. Can we really create new worlds with it? Do
we get tested on it? Who knows. I actually hope so...

But now, I have to shed my geek image and get ready for a party.
It is a friend's birthday and as she is a Brewmaster, there is
always really fine beer and good food. Mmmmmmm. What diet?

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Big Phil said...

I try to harness my imagination in the name of law and order. Or something.