Sunday, March 18, 2007

Too much creativity in one day!

Exhaustion! I finished another Uncomfortable Questions interview
and posted it. Very interesting interview with a 20 year old
mathematician and fractal artist. Get it, as usual, at:

It took longer than usual because I wanted to put music in it to
show off the new CD by previous guests from 3 Blind Mice.
Lots of messing with file formats and encoding the whole mess at
a higher bit rate, and in stereo, so the music would sound good.
I was selfish, though, and played my all time favorite song of
theirs, not even one from the new CD. I'll do that in one of the
next two shows.

As I was frantically trying to finish the show, David came over and
we finished up filming for the next Channel Surfing Wipeout
video. It should go up this week! Cayenne has promised to do the
final edit while they are putting in the furnace all day on Tuesday.

I didn't even have time to start pulling things together for the
Japan trip. Maybe I'll start packing during the week. Or maybe I'll
just sleep!

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