Friday, April 13, 2007


Still sick. Every day, only a tiny bit better. Next time I'll
have to try an English cold, or an Irish cold. I vote colds
I've gotten in Autstralia and Japan as two of the worst.
It figures those two places would have really tough germs.
Kind of goes with the people. Tougher than most!

Because of the continued illness, not much is happening. I work
and then go home and collapse, watching videos for the rest of
the night. Then to bed. Repeat every day.

I haven't even tried to find anyone to interview for my next
show. I'd better get going, I'm already a week overdue.

Getting a new roomate on Sunday. He is totally fun and cool,
and I'm looking forward to it. Otherwise, my big plan for the
weekend is lots of sleep.

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