Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 2 - Tokyo trip

Fer Chrissake! I can't sleep at all. I thought I was back on
schedule, but I am totally wide awake at 5 in the morning. I
tried to lay down, but even being sick and all, sleep wouldn't
come. My body has no idea what time it is.

So on to day 2 of the trip. On March 29th, we went to Akihabara
(Electric Town). I would recommend not going to a crowded,
intensely visual place on day 2 of a trip like this. Something
quiet and scenic would have been better. The trains and buses
were packed, and Akihabara is a visual assault of hundreds of
stores selling electronics.

I think I had jet lag, and was feeling ill from the change in
diet. I got kind of overwhelmed by Akihabara and didn't last
as long as I would have liked.

A mention of food. Much of it came from the conbini (convenience
store) near the house. Conbini's in Japan are amazing. You can get
the snacks, alcohol, and pretty elaborate food for cheap. Sushi,
premade ramen, various noodle and rice dishes, hot chicken on a
stick, and so on. I also discovered Crunky candy bars. A lot like
Nestles Crunch, but much better. However 2 days of this can do in
your stomach!

I also discovered that walking 6 hours a day makes diabetes
virtually disappear. I could eat anything, and my blood sugar
simply wouldn't go up. The down side is my old injured knees and
reconstructed foot and ankle didn't want to have anything to do
with walking and standing for 6 to 8 hours a day.

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