Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 3 - Tokyo Trip (and a bonus today)

I'm still very sick and weak, and now Cayenne got the Japan cold too.
We were pretty worthless today. Until one of his fans for his sketch
comedy podcast Teknikal Diffikulties sent him a donation for
$1068.93 today so he could buy a new imac computer. His computer
is 6 years old and on the verge of instant death. He has a paypal
button on his site and asked for donations. He had gotten about
$300 dollars, but the donation today said - "enough for a baseline
imac + tax". The incredible fan actually figured it down to the
penny and gave it to Cay!

I was checking the account to see if there was enough for me to
buy a figure I wanted on ebay, and I saw that entry. I shrieked
and woke up Cayenne - I could hardly believe one of his fans would
do such a huge thing! As soon as the money gets transferred you can
bet we will go get that computer for him. It is almost more than
our jet-lagged, sick befuddled brains could handle.

So back to the Tokyo trip-ologue. Day 3, our friend and his wife
took us to Harajuku. That is the really hip place where all the
young people hang out. We walked and shopped and people watched.
On the weekends the teens come out in all their fashion tribe glory-
we saw a few of them, but not the real show. I wish we had time to
go back on a Sunday. But there are books of photos devoted to them,
which I have seen. Here is a web link of images to see the teens
in all their glory: Harajuku Web Images.

Then it was on to the main event, at last. We hopped on the subway
to go to see the cherry trees in full bloom around the Imperial
Palace. They are all lit up at night, and the pictures don't do it
justice. They went on for about a mile along both sides of the river
or moat, and there were wall to wall people there, rows of food
booths with really yummy festival food, and everyone drinking their
heads off. It was everything I thought it would be. Go to this
link to the Japanese Tourist Organization to see what these
amazing trees looked like this year in the daytime - we didn't get
any good pictures of that: Sakura by Imperial Palace.

Since we got there late, every square inch of ground was taken up
by parties, so we just kept walking, and walking. After a full day
of walking, I was pretty spent by the end of the night. But what
a glorious sight it was. Worth traveling halfway around the world!

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