Saturday, April 28, 2007

I woke up, and it was June

I went out last night with the old gang from the old job. We are
still seeing each other almost 2 years later. Most of us have
moved on to new jobs. I wonder if we'll beat the odds. One of
us read somewhere that old work relationships last on the average
for 2 years. We still have fun together, and care about what
happens in everyone's lives. Hopefully it will persist!

Today the 76 degree weather made it feel like full summer.
In April yet. So it was time to rearrange the living room into
summer configuration and move the breakfast nook out onto the
porch where we enjoy having coffee every morning. That makes it
officially summer in my world. We've never done this so early,
but the forecast says 70's all the next week.

We went looking for a new porch chair to replace the one that
broke last year, and man are they expensive. I came home and
ordered one I liked online, as long as I was going to spend
that much. I got a "Chicago Puff Rocker". I love those things,
I've had one for years, and have never found another chair that
comfortable. That is the real meaning of life, that never gets
mentioned on my interview show.... comfort!


David "The Batman" Cummer said...

Chicago Puff Rocker? Wasn't that P.Diddy's first incarnation?

Susan Grandys said...

Ha! Good one. Though I think I like my chair even more than P.Diddy....

David Cummer said...

I dunno, have you ever sat on P. Diddy?

Hey, Lookit ME! I'm commenting on your blog! I've been using Foxfire more and more these days, and decided to try commenting to you via that. It WORKS! (Does this make me a computer expert?)