Friday, April 20, 2007

Lottery of Death

Yay! I have an interview for the show tomorrow. I guess I'll be
editing it this weekend and putting it up. My show is waaaaay
overdue. Should be a fun one - it's with a guy who does a dating
and relationship podcast. Bound to be fascinating!

On the way to work today, I saw a lot of dead things on the
road, in a smear of blood. One was a beautiful, huge raccoon.
It made me start thinking about life. I felt sad that the
animals grew so big and strong only to have it taken from them
in an instant. Makes me wonder why.

What is life worth? Why is it so short and arbitrary. With all
the shootings and accidents in the papers, the same goes for
humans. You live and plan and struggle, only to have it end
abruptly for no good reason. All your dreams and desires can
end suddenly as a smear of meat and blood on the highway.

That always makes me angry at God or whatever made the system
work this way. Why are we so fragile? Why aren't we made of
iron, with replaceable parts? Why are we so willing to take the
life of another? Why is life so cheap? Shouldn't it be the most
valuable thing there is, and carefully preserved and revered?
War seems to be the ultimate statement of how little we value
life. We always send our own young family members to die, for
some ideal or whim of politicians.

Why don't we have a predetermined life span, free of disease
and accident? But then, maybe we would hate it. Humans and
probably God seem awfully fond of lotteries. This is just one
more lottery - the lottery of life and death.

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